Massachusetts Cannabis Facility Sued After Fatal Asthma Attack

Summary: The family of Lorna McMurrey, a 27-year-old woman who died from a deadly asthma attack at Trulieve’s cannabis processing and production facility in Holyoke, Massachusetts, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The lawsuit attributes her death to exposure to dust and mold at the facility.

Family files wrongful death lawsuit over Massachusetts Cannabis facility employee’s death from asthma

In January of last year, Lorna McMurrey, aged 27, suffered a fatal asthma attack while working at Trulieve’s cannabis processing and production facility in Holyoke, Massachusetts. This tragic incident has led her family to file a wrongful death lawsuit, holding the facility responsible for the conditions that led to McMurrey’s death. The lawsuit specifically cites exposure to dust and mold at the facility as the cause of her asthma attack.

McMurrey’s death is notably the first in the United States to be attributed to occupational asthma at a cannabis facility. This case has drawn significant attention, including a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued last week. The CDC report highlights the need for improved safety measures in cannabis facilities, recommending the use of personal protective equipment to protect workers from similar risks.

The lawsuit against Trulieve underscores the growing concerns about worker safety in the cannabis industry, particularly in production and processing facilities where exposure to plant materials, dust, and mold can pose significant health risks. As the industry continues to expand, this case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to occupational health and safety standards to prevent such tragedies.

Why It Matters: The lawsuit and subsequent CDC report emphasize the critical need for stringent safety protocols in cannabis facilities to protect workers from occupational hazards. This case sets a precedent for the industry, highlighting the legal and ethical responsibilities of cannabis businesses to ensure a safe working environment.

Potential Implications: This lawsuit could lead to stricter regulations and oversight of safety practices in cannabis production and processing facilities. It may also prompt other companies in the industry to reevaluate and improve their safety measures to avoid similar incidents and potential legal consequences.

And we would like to know how will this lawsuit impact safety standards in the cannabis industry and what measures can cannabis facilities take to prevent occupational health issues?

Source: WCVB

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