France Targets Youth Smoking with Disposable Vape Ban

Summary: French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced an upcoming disposable vape ban in France, as part of a national anti-smoking plan. The government aims to combat smoking, which causes 75,000 deaths annually in the country.

France’s Anti-Smoking Plan Includes Disposable Vape Ban

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne revealed on RTL radio that the government is planning a disposable vape ban in France. Although she did not specify when the ban would be implemented, she mentioned that it is part of a broader plan to combat smoking. Smoking is responsible for 75,000 deaths each year in France, and the government is keen on reducing this number.

The ban on disposable vapes is particularly targeted at young people, who Borne says are developing bad habits due to these products. “It’s a reflex and a gesture that young people get used to. That’s how they get into smoking,” she added.

Most disposable e-cigarettes come in flavors like pink lemonade, gummy bear, and watermelon, making them appealing to teenagers. These products are generally priced between 8 and 12 euros.

An existing ban on the sale of e-cigarettes to those under 18 is not being effectively enforced. Additionally, promoting or advertising such products is already prohibited in France.

The government is expected to unveil its comprehensive plan to combat smoking soon, which will include this ban among other measures.

Source: Time

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