Dab Day Deals to Take you to New Heights

Dab enthusiasts, rejoice! It’s 7/10 Day and you’re looking for the best concentrates to elevate your consumption game.

You might be asking yourself how 710 Day began. The answer is shrouded in mystery … actually someone noticed 710 upside down looks a bit like the word “OIL” and just like that, Dab Day was born.

We scoured the far recesses of the internet to find seven products perfect for celebrating 710 Day. Check out these offerings and let us know which is your favorite.

Verano On The Rocks

For the solventless purists out there, On The Rocks products are ice-water extracted to capture cannabinoid- and terpene-laden trichomes. Verano refines the trichomes to extract live rosin gummies, live rosin solventless cape carts, live rosin badder, and live rosin coin.

RYTHM Concentrates 

Find the rhythm that moves you with these classic concentrates. RYTHM’s terpene-rich concentrates are available across nine states and offer both live and cured products with strains like Grapefruit Sour Diesel, Jack Here, and Space Cream. 

Acid Dough Crystals by Origyn Extracts

Derived from a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Acid Dough offers a light-headed effect accompanied by a giggly edge. These crystals are ideal for treating cramps, headaches, and nausea. Find yours at select retailers in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.  

Cloud Cover Dab Carts

Cloud Cover carefully curated these strain blends from its in-house, premium genetics. The company’s top-secret proprietary process captures a rich spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to bring high-potency dabs to Michigan and Massachusetts in a convenient 510-thread cart. 

Heavy Hitters Pure Live Rosin Vapes

A robust terpene profile paired with full spectrum cannabinoids gives these vapes a euphoric, flower-like experience, Fresh frozen flower and all-natural ice-water extraction results in perfectly decarbed, hand-pressed oil. Available at The Parent Company dispensaries in California.

Pacific Stone Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls 

Who doesn’t love a well-made pre-roll? Pacific Stone’s 7-pack combines the brand’s top-selling strains with THCa Diamonds to offer powerfully potent 3.5 gram joints ideal for sharing with a friend. Find yours in select California retailers.

Presidential Moonrock Pre-Rolls

Let your cares drift away when you enjoy Presidential’s pre-rolls infused with THC distillate and coated in sticky, crystalized kief.  The organic hemp cones and tobacco-free blunt wraps pair beautifully with sativa strain Waui, a stress-relieving strain valued for its tropical flavors. Available in select California retailers.

  • Ebby Stone is a freelance writer specializing in cannabis, with a focus on the innovators and businesses shaping the industry.


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