Celebrate Dad’s Day With the Dablicator

Remember when Father’s Day was about a new tie, funny coffee mug and possibly some new golf balls?  Me neither, but I’ve read about it.

Dad, even the word continues to evolve and 2023 is indicative of that evolution.

Gone are the golf balls, replaced by gummies and good sativa. Why not? A 2023 dad deserves something special.  While our intent was to do a whole gift guide kind of thing, Jetty Extracts kind of blew us away with their partnership with Dablicator Oil Applicator. 

Dablicator, for those of you in the know, is a stand-alone oil applicator company that works with several other cannabis brands as a “delivery system.”

Unlike the traditional oil syringes and applicators, the Dablicator put a new twist on an old idea.  It looks more like a big Apple Pencil and works like a Leatherman, with dozens of ways to use it.

What makes this so different is that Jetty and Dablicator have partnered to offer award-winning oil in a clean and convenient way. Designed to replace a messy syringe, Dablicator oil applicator works with all oil types, including distillate, solventless, live resin, CO2 oil, RSO, etc.

The Dablicator oil applicator was invented in 2014 by California’s Jetty Extracts. The company’s mission is to create an easy, efficient way to dispense oil without the stigma of the traditional syringe method, which at times, can look, well, sketchy, making it uncomfortable to use for recreational and medical patients. The Dablicator provides a delivery method that eliminates any additional social stress.

Now that Dablicator partnered with Jetty, it’s easy to access top quality oil and use it in dozens of ways.  All you have to do is remove the cap, select your dose, then the world is your oyster with the heat-resistant, metal Direct Dab Tip.

• Infuse food or beverages

• Twax or seal a joint

• Add to flower

• Add it to fruit for an all-natural edible

• Put a bit on your finger… you name it.

The Dablicator Oil Applicator comes loaded with full-spectrum Live Resin or clean & potent Live Rosin oil. Strain options to choose from include:


Or some of Jetty’s heaviest-hitting strains: 

  • Banana Creme’s fruitiness, 
  • Kush Mintz’s nutty notes, 
  • THC Bomb’s piney earth taste, 
  • Chem4’s gassiness—best used at night or on a grey day spent being cozy inside.

Jetty process starts with premium fresh-frozen flower from sustainable farms in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Made with just ice and water, these are some of the cleanest extracts around. Jetty’s unique extraction process is solventless, boosting potency, and delivering consistently flavorful concentrates.

The award-winning, high-THC solventless product line is the perfect gift for the dad looking for a discreet way to toke up before teeing off, writing, hanging out at the beach, coding, dancing, or whatever your 2023 dad is into.


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