‘Magikkun’: the Korean buzzword which explains precisely why dating applications are restricting photographs with masks | matchmaking |




Brand new your pandemic.


Probably misleading.

Can it be an acronym?

No, it is Korean.

For just what?

It is a mixture of the English word “mask” and the Korean term

sagikkun”, meaning fraud.
It really is a big buzzword in the wonderful world of Korean online dating

Can it suggest people dressed in goggles when they continue times?


As you’re likely to put on a mask when you go away.

This is about people wearing goggles inside their online dating software profiles.

Which is a little cautious; I do not imagine you’ll be able to capture Covid over Tinder.

Nevertheless, it is very preferred. A sharp boost in how many disguised profile pictures provides generated South Korean online dating sites banning or limiting all of them.

Since they allow you to be hunt much less appealing?

Simply because they have you look appealing.

Since when?

A study by researchers at Cardiff University, released a week ago, found that while disguised faces happened to be once viewed as ugly – considering groups with ailment and condition – these are typically now rated greater in elegance than unmasked confronts.

But precisely why?

It would appear that inside chronilogical age of Covid, face masks offer men and women assurance and also make the wearer appear caring. For this reason, bluish healthcare face masks are rated highest of most.

Or maybe it’s because they keep hidden all the unpleasant areas of that person.

Absolutely that, also. Whenever brain is obliged to fill out the blanks, it is often slightly positive. Hence the potential for deception; thus magikkun.

We have to obviously have our own term for it.

We do, sort of: “maskfishing” was created in 2020, whenever the site mature FriendFinder granted a “no maskfishing mandate” to control the training.

Still, any time you embark on a date with someone in addition they use a mask the entire time anyway, was their profile pic really thus misleading?

Or possibly what some one appears to be isn’t all those things vital that you begin with.

Are you currently joking?

It’s a


up web site, perhaps not chess pub.

At the very least a masked image reveals a prospective enchanting partner you are not a Covid-denier.


. Basically fancied investing four-hours speaing frankly about

Bill Gates

and microchips, i might have gone home for xmas.

The South Korean application, Blind Date, provides hit a fantastic compromise: “We be certain that one photo with a mask on is actually allowed per profile,” stated Chief Executive Officer Kang Ba-da.

Seems reasonable. Show-me your Covid move, and we also’re out.

I’m swiping kept, really.

Carry out say:

“You’ve got beautiful eyes.”

You shouldn’t say:

“OK, you can keep the mask on, although cowboy hat needs to get.”